Unclogging Main Drain Line in your Home and Save Hundreds of Dollars Doing it Yourself

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How to Find and Repair French Drain

French Drain can be repaired. Save 1000’s of dollars. Easy DIY for Homeowners. Find , Clean, Repair. Its something that can easily be done when you know how.

Find the line. In this example, we know the drain is coming from the rear and passes through the tree roots. We dug a lateral trench behind the tree to locate the pipe. Then we sent a cable from the drain cleaning machine down the line to remove the roots Finally we replace a section that was bad.

Doing so save this customer over 1800 to replace the line.

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Frozen Sewer Line (Amazing) Norwich CT 06360

We were called by a customer in Norwich CT 06360 who had a problem with a frozen sewer line. If you have a frozen sewer call us at 860-857-1277 or, visit our website at http://allthingsdrain.com. Our high pressure water jetting can easily melt through ice blockages in a sewer line restoring drainage for you.

This job proved to be very interesting and the customer had a sewer line unlike anything I have ever seen before. Take a look at the video and you’ll see why!

Sewer lines drain dry after use and will seldom freeze, however if there is a slow flow of water in the line that is unable to retain enough warmth within it until it reaches the city sewer line or, gets into a line buried below the frost line a sewer can freeze. This is a good reason why toilets with leaking flappers, and dripping faucets should be repaired. Also it shows why the advice to leave a faucet running slowly to avoid freezing isn’t great advice.

We were able to high pressure water jet the ice blockage out of the customers sewer line restoring flow, but we did find an additional problem with their sewer line a short distance before it connects to the city sewer, which will have to be repaired.

Zep Root Kill Drain Pipe Cleaner / Root Killer Review – Zep Inc Products w/ Instructions | MySuLonE

Tried out Zep Root Kill to help rid our drain pipe of roots. We did a video rooter and saw 3 spots where roots were in the pip before the mainline. We would have to rooter it once a year because the toilets, showers and sinks would get clogged [Learn more below].

Link to Zep Root Kill (32-oz Drain Cleaner Crystals) seen in the video: http://amzn.to/1LYaVjx

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After the drain cleaning, everything was fine until more roots grew. We tried other products on the market, but finally tried this Zep Inc products root kill, root killer. It actually worked and helped the situation. However, I guess the only way to really know is to do another video rooter, but as long as there are no clogs, I’m pretty happy.

I’ve heard that other products that foam up will rot your pipes and corrode the copper metal, so haven’t really tried those, but definitely tried other things. We tried shorter augers. We tried natural remedies and just crazy plunging. But it never worked. That’s why the Zep product was so impressive.

Another reason why we went this route is that our “clean out” (large drain pipe opening to mainline) is under the house and not easily accessible. We can a small exterior Drain pipe access, but it’s a 2″ inch pipe? So only the smaller snake can get in; which most plumbers only carry 25 to 50 foot lengths in that size. The root cutting tip that is on those are big enough to cut through roots, but a plumber I hired had a customized tip that worked. But for the most part, to use the heavy duty pipe clearing drain snake rooter machines, you need a big clean out pipe. That was our situation.

The main ingredient is Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate. The crystals are blue and the size of large salt grains. This is the 2lbs. bottle. I only used half the dosage. Since I’ve put the stuff down the drain, we haven’t had any backups. The roots seem to haven’t grown back. I put the date on the bottle because I read that you should do it twice a year. I definitely recommend you try this product if you have root problems in your pipes.

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