How Do I Know if My Drains are Clogged?

Dave Henry of Wilbur Henry, Inc. shares tell tale signs that your main sewer is clogged. If you’re having troubles with your sewer line, check us out at or give us a call at 717-755-5461.

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How to Sort Out Blocked Drain With a Mop. QUICK AND EASY

Do you a blocked drain?

The first sign of a blocked drain is your kitchen or bathroom drains will start to run slowly. And then you see the drain overflowing out in your backyard. But that’s a good sign because if it’s not, it’ll be overflowing inside your house.

And another good news!

Did you know that you can unblock it yourself easily? All you need is a mop! In this video, we’ll show you how to do that. Step by step.

Quick and easy. Get on it now before it’s too late.

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House Trap | How A Sewer Trap Functions

Call 718 849-0900 OR Visit us @ to find out why a house trap is more important than you might think. Learn about how a house sewer trap functions, and it’s design. Not only does a trap catch objects before they enter your drain system, they also block sewer gases from entering your home.
This informative video is brought to you by Balkan Plumbing, NYC’s largest house sewer and water main company. Servicing Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx for over 60 years.

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how to snake out main drain, using a basket type drain auger to unplug main drain line residentia

a quick demonstration of how to use a basket-type 1″ drain auger ( the other kind is a drum auger – these are all in one but extremely heavy at 1″ or larger) to unplug the main drain leading out to a septic tank. House drains were draining slowly (an indication that septic tank is full-if you have one) and at times the sewage waste would come up in bathtub. Other situations could include waste coming into kitchen sinks or slowly leaking elsewhere under the house or in the basement.
Using a 1″ drain auger, it is easy to unplug such obstructions in a residential setting, these are available at local tool rental places for a fairly affordable price for the time you will use it.
This particular job is maybe the sixth or seventh time snaking out this same house so I already know how much cable I need and it expedites the process.
This bathroom is not big, but the snake still fits in the room, other houses- you may need to snake it out using two rooms as the work area or via a cleanout which would be located near the main drain somewhere in the house or a 4″ white cap in the yard somewhere typically is an indicator of a drain cleanout.

***WEAR GLOVES*** I like nitrile gloves underneath cheap leather palm gloves so I can toss them when the job is done **NOTHING WITH GRIPPY PALMS THE AUGER WILL GRAB THE GRIP AND BREAK YOUR FINGERS, HANDS OR WRISTS**** – especially if you are using two people to work the machine – the person holding the cable needs to be SAFE and not get hurt- it can happen in a flash so DO NOT RUSH THE SNAKE- it will walk itself into the drain you simply need to hold it palms up and let it do its job
***Turn off water to toilet and use shop vac to suck out all the water in the tank and toilet bowl so it doesn’t make a mess when you remove toilet.***
***Remove wax ring – this house is using a wax-free ring that is re-usable***
I feed in as many links of cable by hand until i feel resistance then I move a bit slower until I cannot push any more cable into drain. I then insert the cable into the auger and set it to FORWARD and push the button.
After getting ten links or so in the drain, the obstruction is clear and I run hot water in the bathtub to see if drain is still plugged, it is not- so job complete.
**Take the cable off the auger and pull it out by hand until you feel resistance then hook it back up to auger – set to REVERSE- and hit the button to back out cable from drain and slowly pull machine back if you can walk it back that’s fine too, but when you run out of walking room you’ll have to undo the cable to pull the rest out. ** Be CAREFUL not to get WASTE ALL OVER THE BATHROOM** it happens but can be reduced or prevented by running water through drain to rinse off snake. – I was not lucky in this job – I took cables to car wash and washed them after and had to use the shop vac to suck off the loose material so I could exit the home without causing a disaster on the carpet.

***After auger is outside, CLEAN THE WORK AREA!!!****

Last thing to do is put the toilet ring back on and bolt it to the floor. After the toilet is back on and the supply line is connected, turn the water on to the toilet and flush it a few times to fill the drain with water and to ensure proper functioning of toilet before leaving the job site. Also clean up your mess. This method of going through the toilet drain is ***bio hazardous and there is human waste in there- DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MOUTH with your gloves- take off your gloves and get fresh ones. Make sure not to get any waste in the house as you exit the residence. Good Job.

Unclogging a shower drain with a DIY sewer jetting kit

**EXCUSE THE VIDEOS PAUSES** This was probably due to errors my phone and SD card were having that I found out about after the fact. I have found my new favorite thing to unclog drains with. A 3100 PSI pressure washer and a sewer jetting kit. When my drain previously clogged chemicals and snakes didn’t work. So I bought a sewer jetter off ebay and went for a hail mary before involving a plumber. This is it’s second use. I have a nozzle for it with revolving jets I will use to try and clean my main 3″ sewage line in an attempt to reduce the number of main line clogs my house has in a year (50+ year old line). For the video I had to employ my oldest to hold the camera, hence the extra conversation.

Roto-Rooter Sewer Tours – Big Rock in the Pipe

At Roto-Rooter, we’ve seen it all. Whereas most pipe damage comes from the intrusion of roots from surrounding plants and trees, this customer had some substantial pipe damage along with some rather large debris clogging their sewer line.

If you’re having sewer problems or your drains just won’t drain, call Roto-Rooter. We’re always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls us at 888-302-4368 or visit and schedule a free on-site consultation.

clear clogged up drain with air pressure (it works!)

Our kitchen drain tends to clog up somewhere we can’t get to (it makes a sharp bend in the corner). Air pressure is a guaranteed success as long as the pressure has no other way to escape except the congested part. I use a long PVC pipe so I can access the drain directly. The pipe is filled up with water, then quickly plugged up before air can get in, the pressure applied, and – boom – the congestion is gone.

I bought this pressure gun for 10€ on amazon, it’s nothing special.